Should a use a Space Heater that is on the floor
November 8

Should I Use a Space Heater? 5 Tips to Stay Safe!

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Electrician Performing Electrical Inspection in Mebane, NC
July 13

The 1 Guide to Your Home’s Electrical Panel: Navigating Power Safely and Efficiently

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June 21

The Most Commonly Used Types of Electrical Wall Switches

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Surge Protection in Major Lightning Storm in Residential Neighborhood in Mebane, NC
May 12

Power Strip vs. Surge Protector vs. UPS: Understanding the Differences

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April 24

What Do the Test and Reset Buttons on an Electrical Outlet Do?

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Electrician Performing Electrical Inspection in Mebane, NC
March 16

5 Most Common Electric Mistakes Found in Home Inspections

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February 12

Top Electrical Hazards to Protect Your Pets Against

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January 19

4 Tips for Finding a Good Electrician

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December 21

What Can Cause a Fuse to Blow?

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November 18

Ways Space Heaters Can Be Dangerous

With winter right around the corner, many people are looking for ways to stay warm. One popular solution is using a space heater in your… View Article Read More