Knowing the most frequent electrical errors discovered during a home inspection is always a good plan whether you have owned your house for years or are a first-time homeowner. These errors can not only be expensive to repair, but they could also pose a serious safety risk to you and your household. Here are the top five electrical errors discovered during a house inspection:

1. Improperly Grounded Outlets

Improperly grounded outlets are one of the most frequent electrical mistakes found during a house inspection. This refers to the neutral wire not being attached to the circuit box, and it can result in severe shock or potential fire risks.

2. Missing GFCIs

Another frequent electrical error is the failure to install Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters. GFCIs are outlet devices placed in areas with a risk of electric shocks, particularly where water is involved, such as near toilets or sprinkler systems. They can cut off electricity to the outlet when they detect moisture, overloads, or other issues that can lead to shocks.

3. Exposed Wires

Another danger that is frequently discovered during a house inspection is exposed wiring, such as wires not being properly enclosed in the electrical box or when wiring tape is used to secure connections instead of wiring nuts. Exposed cabling can cause shocks or fires, so fix any uncovered wiring immediately.

4. Breaker Overload

Most electric circuit breakers are meant to hold single wires rather than numerous wires. When more than one cable is attached to one breaker, there are worries about the electrical load and the risk of starting a fire.

5. Switches Wired Incorrectly

This is a typical issue that electricians discover during an examination. When wiring an outlet or a switch, people who perform their own wiring or employ a novice frequently use the opposite polarity. This occurs when the hot and neutral lines are “flipped,” resulting in the risk of electric shock.

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