Many historic homes do not supply enough power to safely service our computers, TV’s, dishwashers, and even laundry machines. Homes from the late 1800’s to 1940’s could have plaster walls and ceilings, and knob and tube wiring.

    Mebane Electric Services has a proven plan to upgrade your historic homes with minimal impact.

    Modern Demands

    In the last few decades our demand for modern services has rapidly changed. There was a time where 60 amps was considered plenty of electrical service. Then 100 amps became the standard, but most new homes are now built with a 200 amps service. The most important thing is making sure that you get a specialized master electrician to get the job done with minimal impact to the plaster or structure of your house.

    Mebane Electrical Services - Laundry Machines
    One of the key strategies of Mebane Electrical Services are that we do a full assessment of what is truly needed. Some wiring from the 1920’s is still delivering power in an efficient and safe manner. By doing the alone, we have saved our customers money, and we were able to preserve as much of original house as possible.
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