Power surges can be a common problem and have the potential to cause serious damage or ruin all of your expensive electronics. A power surge can be either internal or external. External surges are caused by things like lightning strikes, and the only way to protect against this type of surge is by installing a whole-home surge protector. Internal power surges aren’t nearly as powerful, but they can still lead to damage. Today we’re going to look at how both surge protectors and universal power sources can help protect against power surges and also how these are different from standard power strips.

Power Strip vs. Surge Protector

Power strips are useful as they allow you to plug multiple devices into the same outlet. Most people have numerous power strips in their homes for their TV and entertainment system, computer and related devices. One thing that many people don’t understand, though, is that not all power strips are surge protectors. If you have all of your devices plugged into a standard power strip, it won’t provide any protection against a power surge. This is why we would recommend always making sure that any power strips you use for your sensitive electronics are true surge protectors.

Surge protectors work by basically monitoring the flow of electricity through the outlet. If the surge protector ever detects that the current is too high due to a power surge, it will instantly shut off. This prevents the power surge from flowing to any plugged-in device, ensuring that it isn’t damaged.

Understanding Universal Power Sources (UPS)

Universal power sources can also be useful in the event of a power surge. These devices are similar to surge protectors as they will isolate any devices plugged into them to help prevent potential damage caused by a power surge. The difference is that a UPS has its own internal power source that can continue to supply electricity to anything plugged into it for at least a few minutes after the power goes out. The main reason you may want to use a UPS is to prevent data loss on your computer caused by a blackout or power outage. If the power does go out, the UPS will power your computer for a few minutes so that you can save anything you are working on.

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