Many people use power strips to safeguard their electronics. The problem with this is you may need several, which can get expensive. You may be better served by having a whole-home surge protector installed in your home.

What Causes Power Surges?

Sometimes the cause of a power surge is outside your home. It could be a lightning strike, a downed power line, or a nearby factory suddenly changing how much electricity it’s using.

However, most power surges are caused by something in your home. You have major appliances in your home that cycle on and off. This includes your air conditioner, heat pump, and refrigerator. The constant surge and release of electricity can cause power surges throughout your home. Faulty wiring can also cause power surges, as can appliances like a hair blower or microwave. A typical home can have 20 power surges a day.

How Do Whole-House Surge Protectors Work?

A whole-house surge protector is a device that’s installed near your electrical panel. It senses surges and diverts excess voltage into the ground. This prevents the surge from reaching electric appliances and devices throughout your home.

They provide much better protection than a power strip does because those are typically only good for small surges. Unlike power strips, a whole-home surge protector safeguards electric wiring, sockets, and circuits. Replacing damaged electric wiring throughout your home can be very expensive.

Are They Worth the Cost?

A whole-house surge protector is worth the cost because it saves you the expense of replacing electronic devices and appliances. It also protects your home and family as a power surge can start a fire.

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