Installing an in-home EV charging station in Durham, NC, means you will no longer have to rely on public stations. Mebane Electrical Services provides charging station installations and services conducted by professional electricians. You prevent worrying about range capability when you have an electric car charging station at home. It’s easy to plug your vehicle in at night and have a dependable ride ready for you the following day. Without the additional charging fees most public stations require, you’ll be saving money and not having to wait in line.

Are you preparing to buy an electric vehicle for yourself or your family? Updating your garage or carport with an electric vehicle charging station adds additional value to your purchase. An in-home charger allows you to plug in your vehicle at your convenience, day or night. So you’ll always know how much power you’ve got for the road without the wait times. Let us know if you’d like more information about installing an EV station in your home. Hiring a qualified electrician to assist you means receiving a unit that works reliably year-round.